At the fair traveller we believe that fair travelling should be simple. Environmental and social engagements should be rewarded, fun, and those who take them should find each other, where ever they go.

That's why we built the first participative community platform that allows travellers to easily find unique authentic #fairspots - restaurants, cafés, hotels shops, and other places where people take environmental or social engagements. Through our crowdsourced approach, we share their #fairpractices, and connect them with a community of like-minded travellers.

The project has started in Switzerland with a small community, adding and visiting #fairspots in their free time. A first prototyp of the web platform was then developed in an effort to show how simple and fun fair travelling can be. The journey has just started, help us grow the inventory and open up international destinations.


We help you get off the beaten path and make a difference. Here you can find authentic #fairspots, visit them, and if you want, learn from them and share their #fairpractices. By joining the community of fair travellers, you contribute by adding your best discoveries or reviewing existing #fairspots. If you become ambassador, you can even organise faircrawls and tours.

If you want to get inspired and check out the best #fairspots in a certain destination, you are very welcome to join us on a faircrawl. Derived from the idea of the famous “pubcrawl” we go from #fairspot to #fairspot guiding you around a destination. You might also drink beer, but on top you will discover the back stage of the fairspots and their history, and connect with other fair travellers. You can also book a personal guided tour if you want to take your time and get some extra insight about the destination. All of this while enjoying the best of what the local #fairspots offer.

In the long term, we wish for the members of our community to inspire others. All those actions and engagements #fairspots are taking to make this world a better place, can be helpful for anyone who would like to do the same. We are developing a library to show cast all #fairpractices in a simple way, and prove that sustainability can be easy and fun.


Julia Beyer

fair traveller by conviction
  • from France, Germany
  • speaks English, German , French
  • likes huge cats, Croatia, Australia

Petra Draskovic

fair traveller by profession
  • from Croatia
  • speaks English, Croatian, German, French
  • likes Australia, meeting local people

Alexandre Roch

from Switzerland
  • fair traveller by ambition
  • speaks French, English, German
  • likes Running, Scotland, Scandinavia

Hélène Robert

fair traveller by education
  • from New Zealand
  • speaks English, French
  • likes hiking, Turkey, Ireland

Alexandre Koo

fair traveller by curiosity
  • from Switzerland and China
  • speaks French, English, Chinese
  • likes Street food, green tea, China

Franco Gamarra

fair traveller by feeling
  • from Peru
  • speaks Spanish, French, English
  • likes the mountains and the beach

Adrien Favre

fair traveller by nature
  • from France
  • speaks French, English
  • likes hiking, France, Norway

Lina Rodriguez

fair traveller by wisdom
  • from Spain
  • speaks french, spanish, english, italian
  • likes dance, music, and everything that makes your heart light

Sebastien Angelini

fair traveller by addiction
  • from Switzerland
  • speaks french and english
  • likes to fly through the air and roll down the hill

Clemens Nyfeller

fair traveller by habit
  • from Switzerland
  • speaks german, swiss german, french, englisch
  • likes great parties and great people


fair traveller by ...
  • from ...
  • speaks ...
  • likes ...

At the fair traveller we are always looking for passionate and talented people to join the team, if you're ready for an adventure get in touch! team thefairtraveller.org