Under the Linden Tree

We are an English-Polish couple, Ola and John, living in rural North-East Poland. We live in a renovated old wooden house, with established gardens and orchard. We would be very happy to share our place with you! In our area you can still enjoy unspoiled, beautiful nature, wonderful forests, lakes and rivers. It is a great place for nature lovers, birdwatchers, people who enjoy outdoor activities like cycling, walking, dogtrekking, canoeing, nordic walking... You can pitch your tent in our garden and enjoy a quiet and peaceful time, delicious fruits, vegs and herbs from our garden. You can making jams with us, collect herbs, hunt for mushrooms, swimming in the lake, walking with our dog in the woods, reading books and magazines from our small "green library". We can share with you our experience of using Effective Microorganisms instead of chemical products at home and in the garden. Car access is limited /please ask/. There is no bathroom, we have a well, electricity, compost toilet, summer-outside shower, warm hearts and always healthy vegetarian meals for our guests. We encourage everyone to leave behind the stress of city life, and take a break from electronic gadgets.

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Stabienszczyzna 8, 16-503 Stabienszczyzna, Poland






This is an absolutely great place to deconnect from busy life and reconnect to nature ... A lot of efforts are put to limit the impact on the environment like compost toilets, recycling, vegetarian food, and the only thing they use in their own garden are effective microorganisms, so probiotics for nature :) written on : 09/2017



This is a place of sharing where people can come together in peace and love, with respect for the environment and all sentient beings. It is a small "sanctuary" created by Ola and John in North Eastern Poland, close to the border with Lithuania. They have renovated an old wooden farmhouse and established organic gardens, as well as creating spaces for campers. In the local area you can enjoy beautiful nature, wonderful forests that support thriving wildlife - elk, wolves, deers, plus many species of birds and smaller mammals. It is a great place for nature lovers, birdwatchers and people who enjoy outdoor activities, like canoeing, cycling, walking... Ola and John have created a peaceful space, where guests can enjoy nature, and also the delicious fresh fruit, vegetable and herbs from the gardens. They are hosts on "Owl camping"."Camp in my garden","Eat with a local" and "Workaway". They are vegetarian. Their meals are always delicious and healthy. Facilities are basic - water from the well, outside shower, compost toilet. It is a little off the beaten track but well worth seeking out for those who wish to experience the simple lifestyle based on ecological responsibility towards this Earth. written on : 02/2017