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Tony und Beate
At Chasseral Outdoor you can discover the Jura on horseback, riding through forests and pastures. In the evening, let the day fade away in a cozy atmosphere: We offer various accommodations and spoil you with a BBQ from our highland cattle, pigs or game. PRICES FROM 13 CHF PER PERSON

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La Chaux-d'Abel 96A, 2333 La Ferrière, Switzerland






I visited this fairspot during the swissfairecrawl2018 and was absolutely dazzled by this nature at this place. It is in the middle of a generous and raw wilderness. I loved it. Tony and Beate have solar panels on their roof and rare species on their farm. They also raise dogs. When we visited they had 11 puppies which were only 4 weeks old and adorable. Tony and Beate go around other farms to collect a part of the milk that is not used for human consumption and they feed their pigs with it. You should have seen how they pigs enjoyed this sweet beverage. Tony and Beate are very serious about water consumption and sensitize every visitor not to use too much. They also have several means to collect and reuse rain-water and grey-water. On top of all this, the have a partnership with a beekeeper who brings a few hives in the spring: the bees pollinate the fruit trees and produce delicious honey. A win-win for Chasseral Outdoor and the beekeeper. I think this was my favorite fairspot of swissfaircrawl2018 for its location in the middle of such generous nature. written on : 08/2018



When you arrive at Chasseral Outdoor, it is like stepping into another world, peaceful, quiet, like a fairy tale. You truly feel that all is connected, as Tony and Beate intend it to be. On their farm, everything and everyone has a role, a purpose, and everything is used, recycled, and returned to the earth. Like the water used to clean the dishes, it is drained into the manure, where it will then be used in the fields where the cattle will graze. The balance they have found out here in the Jura Bernois is inspiring and I encourage anyone to discover it for themselves. written on : 06/2018



Chasseral Outdoor is a working and holiday farm. When visiting here, you can enjoy the surrounding on foot, by horse or in a mule-drawn cariage. During the winter the hosts offer also gourmet meals made with their own produce and game. Chasseral Outdoor is on the #faircrawl2018 itinerary and I can wait to visit! written on : 05/2018