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Brigitte & Men
The riding stable and saloon, with its unique and intact nature in the immediate vicinity of the national park, makes the hearts of horse lovers beat faster. Our offer ranges from one-week youth riding camps over western riding courses, trail riding and riding lessons to hourly, full-day or multi-day trekkings. Just come by and let yourself be carried away from everyday worries, ride the trails on horseback or take a stroll through the impressive landscape. PRICES FROM 78 CHF PER PERSON

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Gurlaina, 7550 Scuol






If you are curious about horses, it is an amusing place you should go. Even if you are a beginner of horses lover, you will definitely have fun ! Taking 5 days off and enjoying your time in the mountain. first day: take 1h riding training to know more about yourself and your horse ! Second day, riding half day in the forest with a trainer and start to learn how to “manage” your horse in “real time”, and at the end, follow 3 days summer riding program with a team and go though Alpes ! Nice adventure and you won’t forget! written on : 06/2018



Even though my role model for crossing the Alps was Hannibal - Saloon San Jon offers you an equally unique option with tailor-made several days long rides across the mountain valleys and the Alpine passes. The will teach you how to ride, take you on a carriage ride to see Agata the biggest horse in Switzerland, which is great for romantic parties, sleeping in the wilderness or reinvading Troy. The highlight of my trip was taking my first lesson in Retoromanic with Brigit's other half. I must tell you after tasting their 🍺 I understood quite a lot. Stunning views. Plan for a longer holiday. written on : 06/2018



Amazing time at this horseback riding farm on the altitude of 1500 m :) the food is locally sourced, they serve beer from a local micro brewery called San Jon. The best activity they have is riding trips for school children where they can get in touch with nature and animals and learn a lot about themselves at the same time. written on : 06/2018



The San Jon Saloon and riding stables is a great place to visit if you are a keen rider or if you are avid to discover the beautiful landscapes in the Grisons from a different perspective. Horseback riding is a great way to discover nature and enjoy the outdoors with a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Whether you are a novice rider and want to experience a short trek or you are an experienced horseman, San Jon has an offer for all. I look forward to meeting the team and their horses during our #swissfaircrawl2018 ! written on : 05/2018