It's all about sharing.
By filling out the information on your fairspot's page, you are becoming part of the community. You can share your social or environmental actions and inspire others. Travellers and locals will find you more easily. Your fairspot will appear at the top of the search . You will be able to add photos and infos, and even forward visitors to your website or booking site. Also, you can answer to the reviews of your fairspot.

It's free.
We are a not-for-profit association and take no commission and sell no adds or visibility. We believe that sustainability should to be rewarded, not paid for.


In order to get a full page of your fairspot, we first need to give you owner rights on your profile. Simply sign up as a user here and then send us an e-mail at team[at]thefairtraveller.org from your official email address of your fairspot. For exemple from info greencafe.com, if you want a full profile for Green Café. Like this we know you are managing this fairspot, and will give you access.

You can then add contact details, a short description (in the language of your choice), a picture of you or your team, and 4 pictures of your fairspot, and many more. If you want to add a video, send us the link. If you want to make a video, contact us.

When you added this info, we will activate your full page and it will be visible for all visitors.