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The system of a backpacker hostel consists of being able to individually book all beds, with the exception of the two-bed rooms. Hence, it is normal for strangers to share a room. In 1999, after a break of almost 100 years, a brewery was once again opened in Seeland. The founder and owner of Seeland Bräu is Hansruedi Suter.The brewery is located in the bistro of the associated Swiss Hostels Lago Lodge and is also open to visitors. Beer is brewed more than 100 times a year in the attractive 10 hectolitre brewhouse directly behind the bar. The Seeland Bräu beers are approved by Bio Suisse and are made in an environment-friendly way using solar-heated water and electricity generated by panels on the roof.The Bistro is the heart of our establishment. In addition to the actual bistro the building houses the hostel's reception and the microbrewery's brewhouse. Along with the bar, 13 tables offer space for 48 people to eat and drink. 2 sofas and a chimney-place make for some added cosiness. If the weather is good, our large terrace with seating for around 120, a stand-up bar and a petanque court tempt you to stay for longer. Our motto is: "keep it simple"! That is why our bistro operates a policy of self-service at the bar. You won't normally find any place mats or rows upon rows of cutlery and glasses! Cosiness and a feeling of well-being are the most important. We try, as far as possible, to use organic and/or local suppliers and producers. However, it isn't always possible to stick to something you would really like to do, since the price of our products shouldn't be phenomenal.

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This place is also a restaurant & local and organic brewery. There are around 500 micro breweries in Switzerland and this one of the only organic ones. Not only that, the brewery is run 100% on PV solar energy. For heating up tourists they use a heat exchange system. Rain water is collected and used for showers and the restaurant. They have installed water-usage reducers on all taps, and you can even tell. They sell, as much as possible, local product, certified local wine and sirop. Nathan, one of the owners, is a chilled back guy who says the most important thing about their business, which makes them fantastic, is having a great staff. He makes sure that they are well looked after - outside on the window lists the name of each staff member who has worked there. written on : 06/2016